Welcome back friends for another year of all-you-can… dance… MMMbx!!! Boy, this year we got some crazy fun shit for you.

Have you heard… we will have both The Downtown Shimmy AND The Fried Bananas playing for MMMbx. WHATTTTTT!!??! Yah you heard that right. On Friday night, we’re going to have The Fried Bananas and on Saturday night, The Downtown Shimmy. INSANE YOU SAY? Nah… it’s just MMM blues.

This year, our main venues on Friday and Saturday are going to be located all in one central location – the McCord Museum!!! WOWWW wait till you see the place! Historical building in the heart of Montréal? Check.

Saturday jazz-brunch with delicious ballroomin’ blues to the kickass LIVE MUSIC of the Masson Stomp Trio?. Yup, that’s returning too (ask your friends how awesome it was if you weren’t there last year). We’ll be aiming to have brunch downstairs of Pourveyeur so upstairs will have a lot more room for dancing!

LOFT STYLE Sunday afternoon chill dance/hanging out at an actual real loft in the heart of Montréal? Wait till you see… how hipster cool it is!

Late nights. late nights. late nights. late nights. Sigh… them good ol’ late night blues dances. We gotsss them too.

We are brewing some ideas for fun and fresh social activities to keep the spirit of “Exchange” alive and kicking in Montréal.

Oh yah, over twenty-four hours of social dancing throughout the weekend with very little down-time. Basically, if your face doesn’t melt from grinning and dancing so much, you’re probably a zombie. Or a Bolton.

I got the key to the highway, billed out and bound to go // I’m gonna leave here runnin’, because walkin’ is much too slow.