Thank You Everybody for the Great Times!

A Few Kind Words…

Kiel Coyle: “Wow! I cannot vocalize my full feelings towards this weekend. By far, it has been my best weekend in Montreal. I had such an amazing experience that time truly disappeared on the dance floor. To the MMM… Blues exec and volunteers, thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication. From the karaoke straight through Pub St. Paul, there was very little sleep and lots of great activities. To everyone old and new, this weekend has completely rejuvenated me to my soul and that is in large part to your warm smiles, interesting and intellectual conversations, absolutely outstanding dances, and all around general company.”

Joshua Fialkoff: “Once again I’m at a loss for words. It’s hard to express the immense gratitude I have for the wonderful, supportive people we’ve met while on tour this last week… The tour concluded yesterday morning with a co-performance of our version of “I Don’t Need No Doctor” with Downtown Shimmy playing, and Randy and Myriam’s troupe executing a spectacularly choreographed dance. Performing together was such an exhilarating experience, and a perfect reminder about why we do this.”

Sarah-Maude Dumont: “Because I think that the people who missed MMMbx don’t regret enough and… also because there can’t be too many thanks, I’ll also post something to say how AWESOME this event was. So much fun, so many nice people, such a good vibe, suuuuuch a good band and such a fun team to perform with (yes Joshua, let’s do that every month!!!), so many bagels, way too many selfies… (oh Lord!), so many good moments that I enjoyed and shared with all of you… I’m so proud of my friends who organized this event, but also of all the Montrealers who made it happen, so glad that all these out-of-towners could discover some of our city’s secrets, so charmed to see the sharing, the warmth, the love all weekend long and, of course, so happy to be part of this fabulous dance community that baby Jesus called blues. Life is good!! Thank you my friends for making it better every day! “

Gary Stewart: “Thanks for the amazing weekend! Met some fantastic new people, and had amazeball dances with them, and continued to have wonderful dances with those lovely dancers I already know. I thought the Downtown Shimmy were incredible and, despite not finishing it, the bingo was a fabulous idea. Looking forward to the next one!”

Vanessa Dorvily: “Hi All!! 1. Thank you for this wonderful wonderful event organize in such intimate/friendly/human/true energy. I wasn’t sure at the beginning that I will have love it – bags, bracelet, etc… but at the end, i have to be honest, those little thing were nothing compare to the immense pleasure this week-end have bring me. 2. The people/guess/games/the band…oh the band…what a orgasm for my ear…litteraly = Magnifico! 3. Only/just/real music and dance – I couldn’t have ask for better way to spend $85. Finally and not the least : Randy Panté, I don’t know you…just seeing you at île noire and other dance but there is this energy around you and your partner that is simply amazing/gentle/peaceful/happy/genuine. Please keep sharing your beautiful aura around you! Again – Again and Again : 1000 thanks you to all of you!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoox”

Audrey Moreau: “Hi everyone! It was my first exchange and I liked it sooooooo much. Thanx for everyone who danced with à newbe with injuried leg. thx and see another time audrey”

Martin Primeau: “What a weekend that was! Thanks to the executives and volunteers that made it happen! I had an increadible weekend because of you guys. A very special thanks also to The Downtown Shimmy for their Saturday night performance. I feel I’ll never hear a “Summertime” version that will toutch me emotionnaly like the one you performed on that night. Thanks also to Gabriel Hernandez-Gagnon and his band. You guys are getting better and better!”

Emmanuel Thivierge: “That was a great weekend! Thanks to all the follow who danced with me! Thanks to the organizers for all their devotion and their craziness! Thanks to all the bands! Thanks to everyone for making it so great! It was so fun! Now, sleep….”

Anne Julien: “That was indeed an AWSOME weekend! Thumbs up for the organizers and the volunteers! Thank you for the great DJ’s, the Saturday brunch (loved the band!!!), the warm and lovely atmosphere of Studio Caravane on Sunday afternoon, the no-competitions policy (I wish more events would be like that…) and all the great dances! This first edition was a blast: please do it again next year!”

Simon Mercier: “Je viens de passer un week- end extraordinaire: les bands, les DJs, la bouffe, les danseurs, OMG les danseurs!!!!. Merci aux organisateurs et aux bénévoles.”

France Gagnon: “Un évènement fantastique, cool et super bien organisé. Downtown Shimmy: wow! Des lieux accueillants et agréables. Des organisateurs et des bénévoles fabuleux. Un week-end génial! Merci!”

Mireille Schnitzer: “MMMBlues this past weekend was AMAZING. I never stay until the end of the night but Joshua Fialkoff and the Downtown Shimmy were too awesome to miss!! Thanks so much to the organizers Javiera, Randy, Myriam, Mélisande, and Gabrielle for their hard work and congratulations on such a successful event!! Thanks to the wonderful DJs too…really, this was most fun I’ve had at an event in a long time I hope it sticks around for next year and stays true to its pure exchange vision!!”

Elena Kourounis: “About to go to bed but still feeling the magic of this night. Not sure I have ever had a night like this. Every dance was amazing …. Thank you to the many wonderful leads who made me feel like I was dancing on air…. I hope I let you know at the time just how much joy you gave me tonight. The Downtown Shimmy was electrifying and brought the house down. And just getting to hang out with some of my favourite people was a treat! To the MMMBLUES organizers , a million thank yous. You deserve a standing ovation for all your hard work because you made this magic happen.”

A Few Love Notes…

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